Eric Contractor – Working Dude – Single Review

Eric Contractor is a US electro-rock creator.

Eric Contractor - Photograph by Audrey Lorea.

Eric Contractor – Photograph by Audrey Lorea.

The most recent track to surface is Working Dude – a song which wraps muscular limbs around the listener with teasing vocal which straightens between tenor and the upper reaches of baritone, whilst also arching on towards the lower end of countertenor and for those who have connected with the site over the years – baritone – even if it only dips a toe part way down the scale it is likely to pique my interest and here is a case in point.

It is rare I spend so long rambling about the voice – with the instrumentation, percussion and where relevant, synthesis, more usually taking the foreground of features – so you will already be attuned that Eric Contractor has a voice that captivates.


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