Equal Stones

Equal Stones from Amsterdam in The Netherlands is an ambient drone vehicle for Amandus Schaap to work with sounds.

Equal Stones - ambience from The Netherlands

Equal Stones

Underpinning the far reaching extended experimentalism lays an industrial heartland, which gives the material a fulcrum around which to pivot. Lengthy tracks draw the listener into the space as the compositions float slowly round the room in phrases of distortion. Not something to rush with a morning cup of coffee Equal Stones demands time of the audience.

The music progresses imperceptibly as the loops of sound slowly shift places in the sequence, giving the resulting output a mesmerizing resonance. Somewhat experimental in feel, due to the processes in creating the sounds, Equal Stones does not however leave the brain confused as the gentle progression allows the imagination plenty of time to come to terms with the resulting echoes and flickers.

A third LP by Equal StonesTransgression – was released earlier this month through the Ukrainian label Hidden Vibes, a forty two minute – four track soundtrack for an evening watching factory lights from a far.

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