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Episode is a US alt-rock quartet.



Having undergone something of a hiatus Episode have regathered themselves with some new musical thoughts and like a fresh coat of paint Swim surfaced earlier this week.

Whilst aiming to make an immediate arrow dart of radio-friendly rock there are sufficient ill-threaded loops of cotton that dangle to make the track of interest to those of us who like some scruffiness with their attire.

Dusty hooves of guitar scuff the soil as the bass snorts its nostrils and the drums rein the Liverpool bit allowing the vocal to parade in symbolic canter.

One can only hope that this ‘return’ song is merely a presage to more of the growling nature that underlies Swim, rather than the turgid ending to meet the supposed radio-play three minute deadline, as, if Episode get over the crass need for ‘raw score numbers’ and concentrate on their authenticity, there is much that underscores potential live performance worth getting to see rather than half-baked ‘Management production’.

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  1. digging this

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