Envenomed a heavy metal band from Melbourne in Australia is Anthony Mavrikis (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Bartleson (Drums), Brendan Farrugia (Guitar) and Liam Wagener (Bass).

Envenomed - Heavy metal from Australia


You will have noticed this website is written with no health and safety warnings, so in the spirit, turn up the volume and thrash your neck as you head-bang with Envenomed. Inside the speaker breaking volumes of sounds lay voluminous compositions laden with melodic inflections which provide the audience the courtesy to hang their leather jacket prior to reaching for air guitar.

Envenomed have something of a chequered history, as line-up changes have slowed their progress over the past nine years. I come across many bands, sadly, with this fulcrum of development where the core element never can quite find a fit, but a line-up that has lasted long enough to produce a début LP which saw the light of day earlier this month, Evil Unseen, may find the band in different mettle. Having had the opportunity to run through the twelve track release it is a fine album for those of us who enjoy a bleeding cranium.

The roaring pace is matched by guitarists who can find spaces to explore drama and for this Envenomed deserve immense credit and I hope this is now a formulation that will find them in a happier and longer lasting space.

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