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The Brazilian alt-rock band enema noise were introduced in December 2014.

enema noise - Photo by José Vitor Araujo

enema noise – Photo by José Vitor Araujo

Whilst according to style guidelines I shouldn’t be doing anything with this as it is a release that is dating back a couple of weeks, one of the joys of being the Editor, is that I can break those rules when it makes sense without taking my firing with anything more than a pinch of salt.

On the 14th enema noise released their eponymous five track EP (which is available on bandcamp), any one of which is more than worth its salt as a feature. I selected the penultimate number – azarnoazar to feature – as it encapsulates all that is the quartet. The angular anger stalks the room like a gun-slinger – eyes scouring for any sign of obstinate resistance that when discovered fires with a fully loaded gun before heading off to discover the next Refusenik.

Petulant guitar stomps across the eardrum as the drums beat the stirrup and the bass inflicts flights of darts which penetrate the cochlea leaving the vocal as an echoing fulminating subtext – making sense of it all – until abruptly everything stops and the listener is left bashing the sides of their head to quiet the ringing of silence.

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