Dominique Lemaire, Yann Drezet and Sylvain Jouet from Paris in France form the alt-rock band énée.

énée - alt-rock from France


With material stretching back four years sadly énée have always remained less well exposed than deserved. Threading back through the catalogue of songs there is a consistency of darkness and flashing torches which has always featured through their music which for reasons I am unable to fathom have not gained greater traction.

énée are able to put together tracks which like frolicking Joey’s have a kick to them that becomes more ferocious as they grow into Kangaroos and the trio are able to invest within their material both soft toed playfulness and more considered clawing as acoustic guitar lays surrounded by electric six string jabbing and four string punching percussion whilst an imperious synth surrounds the vocal in ethereal cloak.

With an early five track eponymous EP, before growing in formation, the follow up release, the ten track album Tricky World is scheduled for release on the 13th and with justice will gain énée the greater visibility deserved.

While any of the tracks would have been a suitable introduction to their music, I am minded of my founding partner Julie Norbury, now sadly dead this past approaching half-decade, a song which as a private joke between the two of us I know would have had her smiling broadly. So apologies for the self-indulgence, but may thanks to énée for raising a whimsical smile.


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