Enamel Animal – The Thousand Years – Audio

Enamel Animal is a psychedelic quartet from England.

Enamel Animal

Enamel Animal

Before hitting play, clear out your diary for the next twenty four hours as you will still be tripping long after you have turned off the music.

Hallucinogenic waves of sound wrap themselves around the listener which are themselves encased within a grungy droning top-coat affording the compositions their longevity of blurriness by the listener.

Earlier in the month Enamel Animal revealed their début LP Unfaith, which is available on bandcamp. Although the eleven track album lasts only just over fifty one minutes and lyrically is a reflective of a society imploding upon itself such is the weave of Gordian knot in which the mind folds itself – the brain remains pleasurably befuddled long thereafter.

The Thousand Years is the seventh offering.

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