Emmas Ringer

Emmas Ringer from Ottowa in Canada is the alt-rock trio of Scott McCooeye (Keyboards), Scott Maybee (Guitar / Bass / Vocals) and Owen Coffin (Drums / Vocals).

Emmas Ringer - alt-rock from Canada

Emmas Ringer

Like paint-stripper Emmas Ringer bubble the walls of the room in a definitive act of finalisation. The scouring guitar shrieks peals of chords that tear lumps out of the ears, whilst percussion remorselessly remonstrates as the synthetics add fourth dimensions to give the trio a sound that wrestles the audience into submission as vocal stands like a demo-banner – highlighting the points of reference. Of slight query, is how in live performance all the elements work as in recorded material the bass adds a menacing presence.

Emmas Ringer deliver a harrowing sound-track of realism to the world of societal strife in the ’10s without being overtly political and it is the ability to encapsulate an aural manifestation of the realities of life without the need to march stridently behind a mantra that gives the out-put a powerful presence that gives the music its impact.

Having had a few hiccups along the way with break-ups and reformations including a band name change from Emma’s Ringer  dating back to the last decade, I hope that Emmas Ringer is able to steady the tiller on their own ship and I look forward to hearing more over the remainder of this one.


Generations – Emmas Ringer is available on iTunes.*

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