Emergency Protocol

Emergency Protocol from Staten Island in the USA is the emo-rock trio of Roemello Agjmurati (Guitar / Vocals), Chris Guzman (Drums) and Domenick Buono (Bass / Backing Vocals).

Emergency Protocol - emo-rock from the USA

Emergency Protocol

More perspicacious readers will understand precisely why I rarely feature emo-rock, with the preponderance of high-notes, however it is always a pleasure to find a band in the genre to suggest you spend time with and Emergency Protocol is a case in point.

Blazoning guitar spirals around the room in munificent valediction as it marches triumphantly to the next idea, whilst percussion scrubs up the remaining eddies of sound as the bass petulantly stomps in fury decelerating the fulminations, giving Emergency Protocol both impatient urgency and lingering moments. Vocal bridges the contexts and the audience is left with a sense of having taken a welcome cold spritz as the trio pass through the ears.

A couple of years into their existence Emergency Protocol bring the emotional back into emo, yet the audience doesn’t feel as though they have been put through the wringer as the players are able to put to forefront the well constructed soundscape that hails of influences of maths-core which will bring audiences not normally connected by the genre into the fold.

I look forward to hearing more of Emergency Protocol as they have much to add to the world of music.

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