Embers – The Bitten Tongue – Audio

Embers is an ambient-rock quartet from England.



Formed a few years ago Embers got off to a bright start then, as though their name was of prescience, glowed less brightly for a while as they extricated themselves from some bad music industry decisions, such are the perils of the business. With some fortune despite the aggravation, they kept their hand on the tiller and have been able to resurface with plans for a forceful recording and live appearance come-back next year.

The sardonically named The Bitten Tongue evidences Embers have lost none of their touch for the expansive as the molten gold spreads itself across the room in luscious tempers of guitars and fluid percussion, finished by a bitter-sweet expressive vocal, with the listener engrossed in the lugubrious thematic progression.


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