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The US dark-synth project of Robbie Haas –  Elmer & the Ceramic Trees released the LP Maps of Outer Space on the 15th.

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees - Maps Of Outer Space - CD

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees – Maps Of Outer Space – CD

Drawing reference points from Joe Meek & The Blue Boys and the ground breaking EP I Hear a New World from 1960 (fully released as an LP in 1991) through new-romanticism and early Factory Records material Elmer And The Ceramic Trees delivers music which has both reflections of the past along with a freshness of its own as the slowly fading in and out synths drift through the room to the accompaniment of scant vocal, fluted guitar, tempered percussion and vaguely gothic overlay.

My pick of the release on the ten track album (available on bandcamp), is the opener Two Immortals.

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