Electric Eye

Electric Eye is Øystein Braut (Guitar / Vocals), Njål Clementsen (Bass / Vocals), Anders Bjelland (Keys) and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (Drums) a space-rock band from Bergen in Norway.

Electric Eye - space rock from Norway

Electric Eye

Time is the prerequisite when settling down to listen to to Electric Eye who have some tracks extending to over nine minutes. The psychedelic ambient drone sets a mood for the brain to wander off on flights of fancy as the sounds permeate the head with a gently shifting fulcrum.

Although lengthy, the music is well spaced, with a constantly shifting pattern leaving the listener oblivious of the duration, rather, immersed in the combinations of keys and guitars which break gently around the room. Electric Eye may well produce material which makes it easy for the listener to become inwardly focussed, the mind is also able to retain a compass on the music wafting through the head.

The very nature of the compositions makes these extended tracks wander over vast swathes of ground, but rather then seeming as self-indulgent flights of fancy, they have the feel of numerous individual pieces melting one into the other with the resulting experience being one of a continuum of sonics extending across time and space.

A début LP, the seven track forty fie minute Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time (which is available on iTunes*) was followed by a wide ranging European tour in the autumn and should set the groundwork for a strong follow-up.


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