El Camino Sutra

El Camino Sutra from Monterey in the USA is garage rock quartet of Keith Damron (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Behan (Drums), Sean Browne (Bass) and CJ Stine (Guitar).

El Camino Sutra - Garage Rock from The USA

El Camino Sutra

Tightly strung guitars slip against slack bass stringing and a equally loosely stretched drum-kit, along side a vocal that reaches for notes to deliver a sound that just demands further investigation as El Camino Sutra fold a scintillating plait of psychedelic garage rock.

The quartet provide the audience with ensnaring tunes, with some elements laden with distortion, others ringing with clarity, which they manage to bring together to offer sounds that are pure enjoyment. About a year into formation El Camino Sutra are capturing the attention of gig goers and their début EP which came out in February – Seaside (available on bandcamp) is well worth adding to the collection.

Combining touches of early ’70s with ’80’s new wave with a splash of the here and now El Camino Sutra is able to create a space of difference. Eschewing the formula oft used by many of their local garage bands of heading towards garage surf, the more psychedelic intonations give the quartet a fair run at gathering a strong fan-base and I certainly wish them well at their shot at the music industry.

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