EdTang & The Chops – The Chops – Video

It was just over three years ago that the US rock ‘n’ roll outfit EdTang & The Chops first featured.

EdTang & The Chops - Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone - artwork

EdTang & The Chops – Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone – artwork

In September of last year they decided to fold and head off in different musical directions, but did at the time of their last show express a desire to put together one final LP to say farewell and on the 4th of July with the physical release of album and the 18th of July digitally – Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone they will close this chapter on their lives.

From the ten track LP – the closer – The Chops.

EdTang & The Chops will be missed, but on a positive note there are new bands and solo acts arising by various band members from the closing of this book.

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