Edgar Allan Poets – AmeriKing – Single Review

Edgar Allan Poets is a darkwave duo based in the USA.

Edgar Allan Poets

Edgar Allan Poets

Within the past few hours Edgar Allan Poets released their latest single Ameriking.

With a lengthy back-catalogue the duo have never lost their intense emotional presence, nor originality, as their music flows through the speakers layered by a dark and brooding cloud which steals in to the marrow-bone of the listener.

Rarely overtly political, though always socially aware, Ameriking reflects of the current realities of the USA with disparate silos failing in anyway to connect with each other or more globally, resulting in lengthening shadows of despondency falling across the visages of the majority.

Though of dark countenance – in Ameriking, Edgar Allan Poets, offer a vague glimmer of collective light were people to come together rather than burrowing every more deeply in to their bunker.

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Ameriking – Single – Edgar Allan Poets is available on iTunes.*

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