Echotape – We’ve Been Dreaming – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Echotape release the single We’ve Been Dreaming on the 25th.

Echotape - We've Been Dreaming


The single is a more whimsical journey than much of their work as Echotape embed a folkiness to We’ve Been Dreaming, though they do retain their distinctive bounciness which finds itself with interweaving between multi-voice choir giving the track an intriguing sound.

Percussion jogs along cheerfully whilst around gently surface acoustic and electric guitars and the bass steps back from the space for much of the almost three and three quarter minute track and it is due to the easing in and out of the various elements in We’ve Been Dreaming that gives it its impressive composition in a piece where vocal forms the focus of attention.

There is enough for those who are already fans to recognise, whilst marking out slightly different territory that will captivate others as Echotape provide a tenderness in We’ve Been Dreaming that isn’t often exposed.

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