Echolocation – Dreams of the Wealthy – Audio

The US garage-angst trio Echolocation released the three track single Dreams of the Wealthy on the 28th of June.



This has been hanging around in my inbox since the 1st and I have only got round to it on the 5th as I write, which means that with publishing schedules, this is now not quite as fresh as it was when it first came to my eyes – so apologies to everyone.

Commentating on a world which is one of confusion with tracks that thread one by one through queries of fiscal probity, relationships and social- isolation Echolocation have made a fine start to their musical career. I wish them all the best for the future and look forward to coming back to them through the years.

The opening track and title (available on bandcamp) blisters through the room and finds the listener flailing around in estranged syncopation as the bustling percussion harangues in a track that, though only lasting for just over three minutes is able to shift dramatic sentiment and pace changes with guitars and vocal following the direction of the drum-kit, as does the audience.

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