Echo 63 – I’ve Lost Faith – Audio

The US sludge rock duo Echo 63 released the three track single Right This Second just a few hours ago.

Echo 63

Echo 63

Sometimes I am on top of things and for the third  time in a row – another release from today – this time a band who you are best to listen to whilst sinking wellington-boots deep in to gloopy mud to fully enjoy.

The sticky guitar and puddled drum clump around the ears whilst the flattened vocal volleys like a shuttlecock having lost half its feathers as it drifts unhurriedly around the room.

The middle track is I’ve Lost Faith.

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Right This Second – Single – Echo 63 is available on iTunes.*

For the newest songs from around the world – Emerging Indie Bands on Twitter is probably not a bad place to start.

*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

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