EB11 from El Medano, Tenerife in Spain is the alt-rock quartet of Eber C. Pitrelli (Guitar / Vocals), Joaquin Lair (Guitar / Vocals), Alberto Delgado (Bass) and Manuel Conti (Drums).

EB11 - alt-rock from Spain


Intriguingly for a band so close to North Africa and remote from Europe, there are distinct reference points to the UK of the ’70s blues rock generation as EB11 ply their trade.

A blistering array of guitars prance around the room like highly strung Viennese Horses as the quartet scatter their sounds around the room in a shower of shimmering blades. EB11 throttle the compositions with a mastery of seasoned stage hands and the audience is left with engaging sparks of light that have a well reined temperament allowing them to add shadowed accompaniment which gives the resulting out-put a latency of some intrigue.

Originally formed as a solo project EB11 is now in full flow with a schedule of appearances set for next year along with a  fourteen track LP – Enjoy The Ride, which came out last month.

Expect to hear much more of EB11 in short order.


Enjoy the Ride – EB11 is available on iTunes*.

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