EAT FAST – Stammer – Single Review

EAT FAST is a fuzz-rock quartet from England.



Reformed and invigorated from the embers of EAT, three tracks have surfaced in the past couple of months – the most recent Stammer was made available a few hours ago.

In a world of digital television when it either works or doesn’t the pixelation of an out of tune analogue television makes less and less sense as each year passes. EAT FAST are able to make 2016 coalesce with a 4.43 MHz sine wave PALs broadcast as the quartet take the metered sounds of digital compaction and thread them through an analogue decompresser leaving the listener in a state of abandoned joy as the fuzz spirals around the head as though the audience is listening after shaking head from a knock-blow long after the crowd has left for home.

The distorted nuggets of guitar, vocal and percussion collide with each other as though recorded in a single garage using worn out mattresses as baffles.

Whether the three tracks already released make it on to a new fuller release time will tell, for now I merely suggest turn up the volume and enjoy Stammer, when there is more I aim to let you know.

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