East River

East River is the trio of Drewbaby, Patch and Tom who make up the Sydney, Australia garage rock band.

East River - Garage Rock from Australia

East River

Like a refreshing beer East River, make the whole day seem better with their sci-fi psychedelia take on music which bustles around the room like sparklers. Brief songs, many lasting less than two minutes are stacked with poppers of delight and the listener is left slightly exhausted, but incredibly happy. The mind is left with recollections of the ’60s / 70’s Thunderbird puppets with their skittering movements and impassive expressions.

Whilst tracks are packed with exploding colours it isn’t a complicated formula and for its very basic construction of organ, vocal drums  and guitars jostled into a bag and seemingly drawn at random, the effect is one of kaleidoscopic bursts of energy which are of intense activity.

Were the band any more retro in feel you would expect them to be a black and white television re-run. However East River have been able to use the telescope of time to encapsulate the best of the influences and repackage them in a sharp and relevant manner. Providing the ears with a feast of intoxicating sounds that contain enough material within them to easily have been slowed down and run for five minutes, but it is the very brevity of the tracks which makes them such a treat to the brain.


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