Dynoride from Cambridge in the USA is the alt-rock trio of Burnell Eckardt (guitar / vocals), John Taylor (bass) and Jacob Laird (drums).

Dynoride - alt-rock from the USA


Most definitely a band to see and hear live where Dynoride excel and with good fortune in addition to studio releases they also have some live LPs to enjoy. Half spoken vocals are delivered in a maelstrom of guitar and persuasive percussion. Even listening to the music from afar I just need to jam my head into the speakers, little surprise I suffer from tinnitus.

Don’t anticipate a clean well shaven sound to rattle round the ears as the slightly distorted over-loud material weaves its way around the room. It is the infectious reality of it all that makes Dynoride such an entertaining proposition. I am writing this review in 2013 for publication in 2014 and already I find myself thinking ‘editors band of the year 2014’?

Intriguingly from being a regular live act they have announced that there are no shows planned until March – I wonder if there is a Studio release coming up? I must ask, but as it has already taken me since 2012 to get to their introduction I will ask post review.

I particularly raise my hat for their respect for fellow musicians – acknowledging the previous band and introducing the follow on act before they have played a note – as evidenced in the video following.


Live at the Shop – Dynoride is available on iTunes*.

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