Duckspeak from New York in the USA is the alt-folk quartet of Giovanni Colantonio (Vocals / Guitars / Piano / Glockenspiel), David Flamm (Bass / Melodica),  Andy Hanold (Guitar) and Greg Schulz (Drums).

Duckspeak - Photo by Cate Dingley

Duckspeak – Photo by Cate Dingley

Whilst there is a wistful whimsical air to Duckspeak, there is equally some solid granite that attracts the ears. The morose, reflective timbres are imbued with luxurious layers of instrumentation as electric powered kit meets with acoustic sound generators to provide the audience with folds of cotton in which to enjoy the compositions.

Although the lyrics speak of intense and angry reflective memories, alongside which the harmonies lay in sympathetic context, Duckspeak pin their music on rigid percussion, driving forward momentum and the main thrust is affected by rock based influences allowing the quartet to deliver music that possesses an undertow of solid spine. This enables the band to play with the emotional soul of the songs without loosing sense of purpose and that combination works particularly well.

There is a feel of the progressive scene of the Woodstock era which Duckspeak have been able to transliterate forward by the intervening decades to deliver an intriguing and entrancing sound-scape.

Originally formed as a solo vehicle the progress of Duckspeak makes for an interesting back catalogue – that thus far culminates in the April released eight track Past Perfect which is available on bandcamp.

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