Drayter from Dallas in the USA is the rock quartet of Nyssa Garcia (Vocals), Cole Schwartz (Guitar), Trajan Acquista (Bass), Brandon Pertzborn (Drums).

Drayter - rock from the USA


A rollicking good time is had by the listener on hitting play as Drayter combine the best of British and American rock to deliver loud guitar, soaring vocal and defined percussion. There is immediately accessibility to the music, that has undergone something of a brush down before emerging out of the speakers, which on this occasion doesn’t grate as the quartet immerse themselves in delivering comprehensible compositions, whilst not loosing the verve of reality.

Allowing themselves plenty of time to explore the chords, which have the sound of being in a hurry, though are in reality gently spaced is a testament to their ability as well versed musicians who are able to paint illusions and a testament to the creative thoughts that flow around Drayter.

Whilst the quartet do play with radio frequency recordings, they are equally able to deliver gruffer noises whilst maintaining their composure.

Formed in 2009 there is little reason Drayter shouldn’t see greater visibility other than perhaps their scarcity of live appearances, seemingly having nothing booked for January, few gigs played in December and very few releases, perhaps they are up to something in the Studio? More please, more often.


Drayter (EP) – EP – Drayter is available on iTunes*.

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