DRAWL from Swindon in England is the ghost-wave quartet of Charlie CooperRyan TennantRosie Robinson and Joe Main.

DRAWL - ghost-wave from England


Like a post apocalyptic cloud of miasma DRAWL encapsulate the realisation of a world in confusion as the subsumed pieces cast their pall in a glassy-eyed gaze.

The echoey reverbs give the tracks a powerful presence and the use of analogue equipment for some recordings adds to the depth of emotional swell as DRAWL explore their space. The music has an easy approachability for the listener, which immediately draws attention yet the pieces express of turmoil and confusion in complex layering.

This is music that is of absolute currency as it connects to the heart of the listener and reflects of change and uncertainty within the expressive textures DRAWL produce, which give the brooding presence of the quartet a powerful imagery. Influences abound within the out-put, which DRAWL have been able to bring into their own context and it will be interesting to see how things develop.

Those local to Swindon will possibly have come across the band as they were previously named – Devotion – for everyone – it is worth investing time getting to know DRAWL.

Those of you with longer memories and who have been with me for a few years will recall the name Charlie Cooper from The Playmakers from an article in 2011 – DRAWL is a different beast entirely.

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