Drangsal – Allan Align – Video

The German techno-romantic creator Max Gruber will be releasing the LP Harieschaim under his performance name of Drangsal on the 22nd of April.

Drangsal - Harieschaim - artwork

Drangsal – Harieschaim – artwork

Combing danceable sounds with melancholic lyric it is easy to draw reference points, but that is to miss the point, the music of Drangsal is about his inner turmoil, not someone else’s.

The innate beauty of Allan Align, the first track of both the ten on the vinyl and CD versions and the sixteen on the digital version, injects the listener with both sadness and joy as the underlying perturbation is wrapped in electro-beat that finds the audience moving in time with the frenetic progress. Shrouding the footsteps of joy is a sense of sorrow which is delivered by both the enigmatic voice and misty synths that curl like a chill from a damp cellar.

I look forward to hearing more by Drangsal in the future.

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Harieschaim – Drangsal is available on iTunes.*

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