Dor is an indietronic outfit from Charlotte in the USA comprising John Rutherford (bass), Jacob Worden (drums) and a whole heap of electronics.

Dor - Indietronica from the USA


I was going to introduce the genre style of Dor as being experimental ambience, which sounds like a misnomer, however that is essence is what it is, but more ambience in the sense of a taking the night-bus home after a weekend party than a chill-out room as the music cuts weaves of the unexpected just as you settle into the hypnosis.

Extended tracks can run to well over nine minutes of loops and overdubs interspersed with various sounds, some real, others purely computer generated and throughout it the bass and drum provide a root from which the liquidity of the sounds can grow and flourish, providing the listener with pieces that remind of timelapse photography.

The challenge for the duo is not to overshoot the limitations of the basic structure of each track and this they successfully negotiate with even the longest pieces not going beyond the bearable. Certainly not compositions to play as you get ready to go out to party, but most definitely music to play on your return as the mixture of bleeding edge is absorbed within recognizable formats and you can just lay back and let the creations do their thing.


Fr more of the best in experimental ambience, Twitter is another place you will find Emerging Indie Bands.

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