Wandering out of Toronto in Canada is the trio of Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Blumas who form the psychedelic-acid band DOOMSQUAD.

DOOMSQUAD - photo by Kate Young

DOOMSQUAD – photo by Kate Young

Booming tapestries of sound collide around the room, each impact setting off its own shining trajectory of kaleidoscopic colour that find the synapses transmogrify into translucent pulses which fill the brain with illusory images.

The shifting patterns of tempo and instrumentation transfix the listener in a sense of suspended animation from which there is no desire to escape as the intense vocal, like an owl spotting prey in the dusk, swoops into the ears. It is, surprisingly, the calmness of delivery and hence organic development of the tracks that allows DOOMSQUAD to hold their hypnotic power and this gentle massage is what finds the audience, rather emerging from the trance discombobulated, feeling refreshed.

Dating back to the early part of this decade, with their latest LP – Total Time (coming out back in April and available on bandcampDOOMSQUAD have a poise which has developed over the intervening years and I look forward to following the progress of the trio long into the next decade.

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