Doom Mountain

Doom Mountain from Brisbane in Australia is the alt-indie quartet of Jake Lanyon (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Lee Neagle (Lead Guitar), Jackson Minter (Bass) and Robert Steel (Drums).

Doom Mountain - alt-rock from Australia

Doom Mountain

Formed less than a year ago Doom Mountain are musicians who can wring the most out of the material as they deliver music with a solid foundation rooted in rock, to which they intoxicate the listener with added shimmering guitars, reverb and fuzz.

Whilst still formulating their sound it is undoubtedly when they head towards the gloomy slower pieces that the quartet excel and you will find yourself checking there really isn’t dank dripping moss on the ceiling.

With a keen ear on building the layers effectively through variations in tempo Doom Mountain indicate their abilities as song writers and to this they bring to bear maximum value from the two guitars, which whilst allowed to add flourishing strokes to the tracks are not permitted to stray off course.

With more than a dozen songs already written Doom Mountain have easily been able to transition into the live scene, with more activity going on in developing the song-writing. Although there are only four tracks available to hear for those who can’t get out to see them, I have heard there are plans for an EP later this year, so with luck those of us who don’t live in Australia will have more to feast our ears on pretty soon.

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