Doodah Farm

Doodah Farm from Liverpool in England is the alt-rock-a-billy quartet of Stevie (Acoustic Guitar / Vocals), Mark (Bass), Joe (Ukulele) and Matt (Drums).

Doodah Farm - rock 'n' roll from England

Doodah Farm – rock ‘n’ roll from England

Electric-Blue suede brothel creepers make perfect sense with Doodah Farm as they combine folk with rock ‘n’ roll finding the listener with a broad smile and dancing feet. I am minded of The Nerve (the 70’s band) for the 21st Century as inside the bouncing pieces is a considered smartly observant lyric.

Skittering percussion is flecked with a softly spoken bass, which gives the sound a firm footing, allowing the acoustic instruments to swivel happily, creating a sound that is lots of fun to listen to as the quartet merge the light hearted with a considered reflective that coalesce in a formula that allows the audience to tap their feet whilst considering the layers.

About a year old, Doodah Farm is still finding a defined area of sound, as earlier pieces are more folk orientated, some replete with mouth-organ, than the most recent material. As a personal preference, it will come as no surprise to you that I enjoy the more energetic newer compositions, which combine both the considered with the scatter-gun spine which inevitably holds more interest to my ears and I also feel it gives them a more spacious singularity than the heavily Dylan referenced early sounds.

I look forward  to hearing more of Doodah Farm in short order.


Oi Oi – Single – Doodah Farm is available on iTunes.*

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