don’t trust Vegas

Surfacing from Gothenburg in Sweden – Oscar Lennerhag (Vocals / Guitar / Piano/ Synth / Bass), Nicolás Espinoza (Guitar / Vocals / Bass) and Sebastian Gustafsson (Drums / Effects) form the electro-metal band don’t trust Vegas.

don't trust Vegas - electro-metal from Sweden

don’t trust Vegas

Whilst striding across the room in over-dramatic leaps and bounds, there is something intangible that earths don’t trust Vegas to keep the audience engaged, as inside the the flounces is a gritty melody that captures attention.

The scoured vocal sits tangentially to the highly buffed electronics, whilst bass and guitar evoke an unexpected pathos allowing don’t trust Vegas to traverse the yawning chasm betwixt the polish and the guttural of the output, yet keep the ears transfixed. The quartet stride confidently over the high-wire of mendaciousness and acerbity and are able to draw the two elements together in a flow of material that intrigues.

How this would work outside the studio is another query altogether, perhaps demanding of a lengthier line-up to be able to replicate the sounds – time will tell.

A couple of three track singles behind them, the most recent No Cause For Alarm, these are undoubtedly able musicians and when they find their métier will have much more to add to the world of music and that I look forward to discovering more of don’t trust Vegas in due course.

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No Cause for Alarm – Single – don’t trust Vegas is available on iTunes.*

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