Donna & The Cadillacs – Shoot You Down – Single Review

The English stoner trio Donna & The Cadillacs released their début single a few hours ago.

Donna & The Cadillacs - Shoot You Down - test press CD

Donna & The Cadillacs – Shoot You Down – test press CD

There will be some familiarity for those who are of longer linger with the material featured which is Mastered through (((dmb))) studios as the flat enunciations of notes thud to the floor on impact.

The collapsing shells of sounds are what makes the material of intrigue as Shoot You Down targets around the room like a game-shooter firing lead pellets. Spirographs of scintillating psychedelia are foreshortened in festoons of weighty anchoring bass as fuzzy acidic guitar meanders across the ears in muffled tones whilst meaty percussion forestalls extensive tribulation.

The listener is invited to take a trip on LSD whilst laced with Ketamine and I look forward to hearing more of the compositions of Donna & The Cadillacs, who mind me of another current English band – Allusondrugs.

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