Dominic Benjamin – Wrong Or Right – Video

The English folk-rock creator Dominic Benjamin revealed the song Wrong Or Right yesterday.

Dominic Benjamin

Dominic Benjamin

With the concept of a track a month Wrong Or Right continues the series.

A song of two dimensions – one element celtic-rock influenced and highly danceable acoustic guitar, the other side being the lyrical content which throws out the question – is it Wrong Or Right  – the ease with which both geo-political and national-political agendas slice open division, resentment and violence towards fellow humans in a world that seems to be becoming ever more fractious and self-protectionist by the hour, serving little interest than for war-mongers, whilst additionally wondering how it is that not only bureaucrats who sow the seeds of division, but the greater surface of wider populace, is able to restfully acquiesce with the ever growing intolerance of those outside a particular silo.

I posit dancing while you think is probably the best way to approach Wrong Or Right.

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