DOLLS + Fauxplay – Friend Or Faux – Audio

The England based seductive-synth collaboration of DOLLS + Fauxplay released the LP Eat It Up today.

DOLLS + Fauxplay

DOLLS + Fauxplay

There seems to be a common theme arising this month as this is the second LP release feature that has included two solo performers with one of the artists having previously introduced – in the case of Dolls that was back in 2013 and one who hasn’t – Fauxplay.

From the nine track album (available on bandcamp) the third Friend Or Faux is best played horizontally dancing with a partner or two as the scintillating electro-bass rattles through the room, reminding of the the sound of new-romantics of the ’80s, while the seductive vocal caresses the ears – leaving the listener leisurely massaging inter-locking bodies.

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