Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes is Zack Fierman (Drums), Alex Molini (Synth / Guitar), Doug Wartman (Bass) and Jenny Tuite (Guitar / Vocals) a new-wave band from Los Angeles in the USA.

Dirty Dishes - new-wave from the USA

Dirty Dishes

Heft the volume as far as it will go, kick the speakers to make it louder, then hit play and allow Dirty Dishes into the room.  Combining influences from 80’s synth-wave, with New York ’70s and mashing it with the surf drenched sounds of LA garage rock from the late ’90s and you are steering the compass in the right direction. More than that the quartet give it all a shake-up to create sonics of the here and now.

Rumbling phonetics of deconstruction veer their way round the ears like shattering shards of glass, which Dirty Dishes are able to aurally encapsulate as slow motion pictograms.  The song-writing and delivery is a pleasure as the instruments and vocal combine in an incandescent display of ability.

This is a band who have much to offer, but have never quite reached their potential, which is a sad loss to the world of music. Releases are sparse and live performances are not frequent. A release every couple of years, the last being 2012, would indicate there is probably something in the wings, though I would implore Dirty Dishes to consider that there is a difference to being underground and limiting potential. I have even noticed comments by ardent fans virtually begging they release something and organise tours, I hope to hear more.

I am minded of their first track on their début eponymous EP of 2010 – Deer In Headlights – it is OK, really, you do have something to say people want to hear – please.

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