Dirty Dishes – Dan Cortez – Video

Dirty Dishes is an alt-rock band from the USA.

Dirty Dishes - Guilty - Vinyl

Dirty Dishes – Guilty – Vinyl

With a more gazy sound than much of the material featured by Dirty Dishes over the past eighteen months, Dan Cortez – the middle of the nine tracks on the LP Guilty – takes the listener to a an abandoned wasteland as the music drips its way around the room like a dank moss.

The ghostly apparition of the vocal peers through sheets of gauze and the audience is left feeling a coldness reaching into the bones.

Keeping themselves ever busy on the road across vast tracts of the USA, I can only hope Dirty Dishes find time to head back into the studio to release a follow-up to Guilty.

Guilty – Dirty Dishes is available on iTunes.*

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