Dios Mio

Dios Mio a dream rock quartet from London in England is Helena (Vocals), Julian (Guitar), Chris (Drums) and Karl (Bass).

Dios Mio - ambient rock from England

Dios Mio

Formed over the summer of 2013 Dios Mio have a sound which belies their relative age as a unit. Already working hard they have released four tracks in the releases and are securing themselves a live performance schedule. Melting melodies fuse inside the constructions and with plenty of delay and reverb the quartet is able to add considerable layering to the music, leaving the listener resting on down pillows.

When a band puts such hard work to the base of their career you can’t but help to wish them well, more importantly Dios Mio do have something of considerable value to add the the world of music and I wouldn’t expect it to be too long before they become far better known with a steady stream of touring dates as this is a sound that suits pretty well most venues and nights.

Whilst of consistent quality and evidently seeking a  defined and shaped sound there is also an earthy grittiness to which the audience can relate and I hope this is not lost as Dios Mio progresses.


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