Diminish The Gods – Prionic Embrace – Video

The melodic-death-metal quintet Diminish The Gods are from Australia.

Diminish The Gods - eponymous LP - artwork

Diminish The Gods – eponymous LP – artwork

It isn’t often that a descriptor containing the words melodic, death and metal can be applied. My sympathy goes to the three guitarists who must have badly bleeding fingers every-time they step off stage as their digits hurtle up and down the fret-boards, not to forget the drummers blisters, nor vocalists scorching sore throat.

From their eponymous LP released earlier this year (available on bandcamp), the third of the seven tracks, Prionic Embrace, is a superbly delivered measure of the ability of Diminish The Gods have you trembling under cover, whilst simultaneously relishing the stunning control. I won’t hazard an attempt to guess the number of notes that reach the ears, or hits on the skins, but each are clearly placed and don’t slur, allowing the quartet to deliver a track with unanticipated nuances, whilst loosing none of pulverising pace of the genre.

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