Diamond Jones Duo – They Cried Om – Audio

The England based scruffy-blues project Diamond Jones Duo is set to release the two track single They Cried Om imminently.

Diamond Jones Duo

Diamond Jones Duo

Surfaced within the past twenty four hours is the title track which scuffs the skirting-board as it harries around the room like a bruised plum as the dermis peels away from the flesh in bleeding rivulets of material which stretches beyond breaking point the stanchions of the available decibel recording range. Leaving the listener either horrified by the paucity of recording, or, like me – else I wouldn’t be asking you to spend time with it – enjoying the mid ranges which sit as stark contrast to the smudging peaks, giving the sense that this is the first hand opening call of all-in on a Poker table with no way of knowing if it is a sleight of hand or a Royal Flush.

Having had the opportunity to take a wander through other material I reflect that Diamond Jones Duo are not bluffing.


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