Diablo Furs

Diablo Furs from Nottingham is the new-wave duo of Rob and Sue.

Diablo Furs - new-wave from England

Diablo Furs

Still in formation – Diablo Furs is still auditioning for the full line-up, but like the excitable individual that I am, rather than waiting for the final sound, I just had to let you know about it.

Turn up the volume and let the sounds slap you across the face as subsumed garage rock scowls around the room. The enthusiasm and energy is palpable as Diablo Furs turn their thoughts back to late ’70s early ’80s with a pulsating percussion a fuzz of guitar and vocal which scatter showers of speed across the audience and you just know this is music for an all-nighter – dayer – and next night too, but unlike a drug fuelled binge, the come-down is less painful, though your ears will be thumping and your muscles aching.

Appositely, as I have commented many times this year about the new sound of Indie Rock in the UK, you will ascertain hints of synthetics in some of the renditions.

It is when I happenstance upon acts like Diablo Furs that life as a music reviewer spins into one of euphoria.

My thoughts – if you are a musician based anywhere near Nottingham and looking for a band – detune your guitar – flail your drum-kit – but do try and get aboard a band with dynamism and a sound that will never be heard on the plasticity of BBC Radio 1 – music as it should be.

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A series of Demo tracks have appeared on bandcamp.

Emerging Indie Bands on Google+ is where you will discover the bands who haven’t yet discovered themselves.

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