Desperate Journalist – Perfect Health – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Desperate Journalist have featured regularly since their introduction in 2013.

Desperate Journalist - Good Luck - artwork

Desperate Journalist – Good Luck – artwork

During the intervening years the music by Desperate Journalist has developed delightfully in textural depth and always highlighted by the remarkable vocal.

Perfect Health, which is the opening track of the five on their most recent EP – Good Luck – that was released on the 2nd, is a continuation of the evolution of the sound. The track calmly emerges from the speakers building layers of gently building atmosphere that finds the head encased in the silky threads. The contrast between sharply defined guitar notes against the softness of the other players, serves to highlight the voice, which drifts hypnotically around the room.

Supporting the release with a short Scotland / England tour from today until the 13th, if Desperate Journalist are playing within reach, well worth cancelling all other plans to get to see them live.

Good Luck – EP – Desperate Journalist is available on iTunes.*

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