The trio of Max Broggio (Guitar / Vocals), Alex Cripps-Mahajan (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Fraser Currie (Drums / Backing Vocals) from Bromley in England form the alt-rock band Desmerelda.



The gouging tracks tear at the plaster on the walls as Desmerelda deliver their high-impact rock ‘n’ roll that has the listener reaching for the volume controls just to make sure there isn’t an extra level they haven’t previously discovered.

The compressed coiling bass jack-hammers the foundations of the room as its rattling insistent presence thunders into the ears, while the loosely harnessed drum-skins enables the kit to deliver yet another booming presence for the timpani to cope with, whilst the guitar springs from quarters unexpected as it flecks between the core presence to a supporting role affording an adaptability of texturing that makes Desmerelda stand head and shoulders above a crowded market place. Don’t either be mistaken that the use of three voices indicates any weakness in the lead vocal, which has a commanding presence all by itself the additional voices, when they occasionally appear, allow Desmerelda to once again add an additional dimension to their soundtrack.

Formed back in 2015 there are a couple of releases behind them, one a four track EP, the other a two track single and spending the twenty or so minutes in their presence will not be time you will regret investing.

I look forward to hearing much more of Desmerelda over the coming years.

By way of an introduction, one of their more recent tracks – Don’t You Wanna? – from the two track single Lady Sees The Lies.


Lady Sees the Lies is available on Amazon.*

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