Déjà Vega – Skeletons In The Florist – Video

It was in May of last year that the English psychedelic-rock band Déjà Vega last featured.

Déjà Vega - Skeletons In The Florist

Déjà Vega

Having spent time developing their sound rather than rushing out material Déjà Vega make a welcome return with Skeletons In The Florist.

A slight shift in emphasis to heavier echo in the guitar and marginal decrease in tempo has given the Déjà Vega a whole new dimension of sound as the trio deliver just under three and a half minutes of music that fills the room with wafts of mellowing smoke. Whilst there is a relaxed spaciousness to the six stringer, the bass and percussion furiously push forward the track with a clarity that superbly shines the spotlight on the guitar, as the vocal drifts in and out of focus.

Although Skeletons In The Florist has a dreamlike quality, Déjà Vega shock the listener out of their reverie with crashing bridges which suddenly stir unexpectedly, giving the whole track a sense of the menacing, before concluding as quickly as arrived, leaving the listener more intrigued than they were on first alighted upon, resulting in an immediate replay.

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