Déjà Vega – Friends In High Places – Single Review

The English psychedelic-rock trio Déjà Vega released the single Friends In High Places yesterday.

Déjà Vega - Friends In High Places - artwork

Déjà Vega – Friends In High Places – artwork

Déjà Vega have the knack of delivering a sound which sounds simultaneously vice-like and loosely tied and Friends In High Places once again displays this mastery.

Compressed cohesive pulses pile out of the speakers prior to the guitar gradually peeling away in to reverbs, delays and echoes and bass slows perceptibly whilst percussion maintains the momentum giving Friends in High Places its multi-dimensional effect from which vocal peers briefly on occasions as though urgently delivering missives.

Déjà Vega have invested in the release a more resonating punchy bass and as regular readers will know a bass that causes the ears to bleed is always my preference of how to hear the instrument.

Another blinder of a track by the trio that once again appears to pack more into its just over three and a half minute running time than there are seconds in the song.

Friends In High Places – Single – Déjà Vega is available on iTunes.*

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