Déjà Vega

Déjà Vega from Cheshire in England is the alt-rock trio of J. Fearon, M. Newton and T. Webster.

Déjà Vega - alt-rock from England

Déjà Vega

Brace yourself for a driving bass / percussion combination – need I say more – there is very little chance that I won’t like it, add to which a guitar that darts it’s way through tracks as tight as a cheese wire.  Lengthy tracks are interspersed with vocal as Déjà Vega deliver sounds you just want to hear over and over again.

Having emerged from the ashes of another iteration less than a year ago Déjà Vega have hurled themselves into the world of music with confidence and the abilities to match it, as they get down to writing an ever increasing song-list, whilst building up a live audience. The mesmeric relentless driving beat is broken by flashing guitars which scythe their way through the landscape like the guillotine working its way through the French Monarchists.

I hope more of the tracks come to light for the audience who can’t get to see the band live in short order, other than the handful currently around and though I haven’t even heard rumours of an EP being even thought about – I recommend getting hold of it when the trio get round to it.

The section between three minutes five seconds and five seconds later in the video below – is enough to convince me of Déjà Vega as I am taken back to Continent by The Danse Society.

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