Deers from Madrid in Spain is the garage rock quartet of Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta CosialsAde Martin and Ámber Grimbergen.

Deers - garage rock from Spain


Slithering out of the speakers in a mesmeric flow Deers deliver sounds which hark of the modernistic, yet are steeped in a realism as the unfettered music breathes life into the room. The rawness of the delivery, gives the quartet an attraction for its very unfussiness and the listener is left with the feeling that the songs are being played for the first time – for them in person and it is this strong tie to the listener which gives the music a powerful presence.

Drawing on the life around in Spain, there is a Southern European feel of carefree abandonment unenslaved by the confines of chasing money for the sake of it and focussed on taking the joy from life, regardless of the surroundings and Deers have the ability to take that exuberance and cloak it with a music with the same sentience. The quartet have a natural ability, which needs no fandangling and is the better for its very earthiness.

Deers sum up the realisms of life and instead of opining about fiscal unfairness, turn their mind to the rich abounds of actually being alive and leave the listener also in positive frame and it of no surprise they have been able to take their perspectives of garage rock around wide swathes of Europe to much acclaim and a joy that their only release is a two track single called Demo.

The song to introduce their music is of course not on that release.

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