Deep Frigid Winter – Unbearable – Audio

Deep Frigid Winter is the psychedelic hip-hop creator Jackson Levine from the USA who released the LP Body Pilot Forensics earlier in the month.

Deep Frigid Winter

Deep Frigid Winter

The experimental nature of the tracks leaves the listener considering hip-hop from angles they didn’t know existed as Deep Frigid Winter turns all the tables in the room at random placement and the mind is captivated.

The sixth of the fourteen tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) – Unbearable – gives a flavour to the conceptual ideas of Deep Frigid Winter in a track that evolves from a ghostly apparition to hint of dimensional connectivity, as it develops, prior to collapsing inside the apparition from whence it emerged.

The audience is left wondering – was that a figment of their fervid imagination? Prior to hitting replay to confirm that the track really was as spectral as it first appeared.

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