Ded Rabbit – Figurine – Single Review

The Scottish alt-rock quartet Ded Rabbit release the single Figurine on the 3rd of February.

Ded Rabbit

Ded Rabbit

Blasting out of the speakers Figurine feeds its way into the lymphatic system as the just under three minutes of crunchy rock clears away any toxins and hence any lethargy.  Ded Rabbit do not confuse creating music that resides immediately in the heart of the listener with any sense that to do so requires any extraneous superfluous moments as Figurine sticks to the basics. Resultantly the track is met by listeners fully engaged and quickly getting to grips with the lyric to join in with the pumping percussion and pulsing bass while the slight guitar distortion allows the quartet to create their own distinctive placement with vocals serving as the conductor for the audience chorale.

A successful live performance schedule in 2016 looks set to be followed by an even wider audience in 2017 with a South Western European tour already in the wings and Figurine can’t but help to grow the fan-base wider still.

There is little chance this wouldn’t have been a track I asked you to listen to, as longer stay readers will know That’s Life by Sham 69 – released in 1978 is in my view one of the most coherent LPs released and it isn’t since about two minutes and two seconds into Win Or Loose on that album  – almost identically time-wise – at two minutes in to this track a similar distortion technique has been deployed and used as effectively – though other than that – very different material.

Win Or Loose by Sham 69 – in this version the spoken interludes between each track – which gives the album its storyline is included – making the same idea appear at two and a half minutes in to the piece.

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