Decoded is Derek Jordan (Guitar / Vocals), Heather Miller (Drums) and Ian McCulloch (Guitar) a garage rock band from Los Angeles in the USA.

Decoded - Garage Rock from the USA


Having gone through various line-ups and sounds over the short period of their lifespan. In this instance, having had the opportunity of hearing their earlier sounds, which were fine in themselves this slimmed down configuration seems to add a depth of warmth to the material and it is now I guess a question of whether they can live with each other for a while.

A highly reverbed guitar gives the music a flowing quality that adds luxuriance to the tracks. Slack bass strings give the structure a delightfully fluidity and flexibility. The simple percussion adds to the flavour of the track giving it that home-grown feel which attracts the ears and an indie pop vocal just completes the whole thing. On reading the previous commentary you may get the sense that there is an incoherence, far from it as Decoded bring the disparate parts together in an output that slips around the room in some style.

I can’t tell you how many times I have played the section between 42 and 46 seconds on the track below, what an absolute joy…


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