Death And The Penguin

Death And The Penguin an indie rock band from Brixton in England is Tobias Smith (Vocals /Guitar), Christopher Olsen (Guitar / Keyboard / Vocals), Andrew Acred (Bass / Keyboard /Vocals) and Timothy Brennik (Drums / Percussion / Vocals).

Death And The Penguin - indie rock from England

Death And The Penguin

On first sight looking at the line-up and instruments of Death And The Penguin you may fear, as I did, that it would be too much production and not enough thought, I am delighted to say that is far from the case. The quartet blend the available range of sounds within beguiling melodic compositions.

Running through the themes of the music lay space-rock inflections which have much air underneath their wings, which is in stark contrast to the initial thoughts you and I may well have shared, of compact and loud sounds. I always enjoy bands who are able to manage to hold a leash on their potential fire-power, utilising the various formats available in sympathy with the compositions.

Formed last year Death And The Penguin have their début seven track EP, Accidents Happen, set for release on the 5th May.


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